Christopher Mallick: New Adventures Await

Careers come and go as the individual changes interests and acquires more knowledge.  Adult film stars have the same aspirations following a career in adult films.  Christopher Mallick produced this film to include some of the most famous adult film stars to learn about their journeys.  After overcoming various obstacles, including substance addictions and emotional scars, each person pursued a new career.  Over time, personal relationships have been healed and life has returned to “normal.”  Those who participated in the documentary hope to reach those still in the adult film industry.  Personal success stories will encourage other people to embark on new ventures.

Christopher Mallick: Friends and Family Return

Bill Margold from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Bill Margold from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

During the interviews with former adult film stars, Christopher Mallick heard heartbreaking stories about broken relationships.  Each person had experienced disappointment that friends equated the work with personal character.  After leaving the industry, some of those friendships were restored.  Christopher Mallick wanted each person to share experiences that would help others to know that relationships will be restored.  Finding new work is challenging, but being accepted by others proved to be more difficult than most had imagined.  Current adult film stars are finding some answers for their own struggles as they watch the film.  As each departs the industry, maybe the journey will be easier.

Chris Mallick: What are the Effects?

Raylene from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Raylene from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

A new documentary titled “After Porn Ends” reveals the struggles of adult film stars during and after their adult film careers.  Chris Mallick wanted people to know about the remarkable comebacks that are made by these brave individuals.  Some adult film stars fight against substance abuse and emotional scars throughout their careers.  As they leave the adult film industry, the challenges seem to grow.  Family and friends wonder about their decision to participate in adult films.  Relationships are restored as the former porn star embraces a new career in some other industry.  Christopher Mallick hopes that the documentary will enlighten those who are on the outside the industry.

After Porn Ends:!/AfterPornEnds

Chris Mallick: Life-changing Industry

Amber Lynn from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Amber Lynn from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Young people entering the adult film industry are not aware of the impacts their participation can have on other areas of life.  Some people encounter substance abuse issues while others suffer from broken relationships and emotional scars.  Chris Mallick produced the documentary called “After Porn Ends” to highlight the pros/cons of participating in adult films.  Many former adult film stars believe that all potential adult film stars should watch the documentary before entering the industry.  Departure from the adult film industry is more difficult than most people can imagine.  A stigma remains for those who were famous enough to be known in other industries.

Christopher Mallick: Never Part of the Crowd

Christopher Mallick

Chris Mallick, business man, entrepreneur and producer at Oxymoron Entertainment.

Decades of successful business ventures have provided Christopher Mallick with insight to create his own path in the film industry.  While others conformed, Christopher Mallick decided to stay outside the studio system and build an independent film study.  Every project undertaken by Christopher Mallick and his team tells a meaningful story.  The starting point for every film is a unique script.  Original content is filmed at appropriate locations for the script settings.  Each new project will follow the script-driven approach to create a great film.

Christopher Mallick Respects the Difficulty

Breaking into the film industry is just about as easy as breaking out of Alcatraz.  Christopher Mallick appreciates the efforts of writers and actors in their quest to hit the big time.  Those who embrace the marathon-long process will submit scripts to the right people and attend every possible casting call.  Consistent effort to contact Christopher Mallick might lead to an interesting opportunity to participate in one of his projects.  Some people will send a reel with the intention of landing a role in the current project.  The call from Christopher Mallick might come for a subsequent project.  Persistence pays off in the long run.

Christopher Mallick: The First Film Venture

Chris Mallick with Kelsey Grammer

Christopher Mallick

When disclosing his life story to a scriptwriter, Christopher Mallick was surprised to hear that a movie could be made from his experiences. Middle Men is based on those experiences. Christopher Mallick had told of a six-year period where he had met many people and learned some tough lessons. Talented scriptwriters translated Middle Men into a captivating storyline. Christopher Mallick took the script and used his independent approach to find the right actors and appropriate filming locations.

Middle Men contains characters that are composites of individuals Christopher Mallick once knew. Actors casted in the film were carefully chosen to identify with each character. Christopher Mallick retains control over every aspect of the film production process.

Middle Men is a story of hypocrisy and redemption. Christopher Mallick has come to realize that many people live a double life. Many moviegoers have been touched by the story, which was the reason Christopher Mallick made the film. Others in the film industry share his belief that original content makes great movies. The completed film was turned over to Paramount Pictures for marketing and distribution. The final result is a film that has captivated and intrigued many audiences.