Christopher Mallick: Never Part of the Crowd

Christopher Mallick

Chris Mallick, business man, entrepreneur and producer at Oxymoron Entertainment.

Decades of successful business ventures have provided Christopher Mallick with insight to create his own path in the film industry.  While others conformed, Christopher Mallick decided to stay outside the studio system and build an independent film study.  Every project undertaken by Christopher Mallick and his team tells a meaningful story.  The starting point for every film is a unique script.  Original content is filmed at appropriate locations for the script settings.  Each new project will follow the script-driven approach to create a great film.

Christopher Mallick Respects the Difficulty

Breaking into the film industry is just about as easy as breaking out of Alcatraz.  Christopher Mallick appreciates the efforts of writers and actors in their quest to hit the big time.  Those who embrace the marathon-long process will submit scripts to the right people and attend every possible casting call.  Consistent effort to contact Christopher Mallick might lead to an interesting opportunity to participate in one of his projects.  Some people will send a reel with the intention of landing a role in the current project.  The call from Christopher Mallick might come for a subsequent project.  Persistence pays off in the long run.