Christopher Mallick: The First Film Venture

Chris Mallick with Kelsey Grammer

Christopher Mallick

When disclosing his life story to a scriptwriter, Christopher Mallick was surprised to hear that a movie could be made from his experiences. Middle Men is based on those experiences. Christopher Mallick had told of a six-year period where he had met many people and learned some tough lessons. Talented scriptwriters translated Middle Men into a captivating storyline. Christopher Mallick took the script and used his independent approach to find the right actors and appropriate filming locations.

Middle Men contains characters that are composites of individuals Christopher Mallick once knew. Actors casted in the film were carefully chosen to identify with each character. Christopher Mallick retains control over every aspect of the film production process.

Middle Men is a story of hypocrisy and redemption. Christopher Mallick has come to realize that many people live a double life. Many moviegoers have been touched by the story, which was the reason Christopher Mallick made the film. Others in the film industry share his belief that original content makes great movies. The completed film was turned over to Paramount Pictures for marketing and distribution. The final result is a film that has captivated and intrigued many audiences.

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